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dez 26, 2011 Blog UNIJr-BA

fan favorite Kent Boyd

Kent Boyd put Wapakoneta, Ohio, pop. 10,000, on the map. Week after week, screaming females and likely a few males cheered on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance...

dez 15, 2011 Blog UNIJr-BA

Why we welcome Yazidis

Lincoln residents once again are living up to their reputation for welcoming refugees. The Capital City now is the new home for about a thousand Yazidis who fled from...

dez 10, 2011 Blog UNIJr-BA

Cheap Jerseys china

So just how gross do festival wristbands get?The moment a woman parked a Mercedes on top of a FerrariBride asks man with father’s heart to walk her down the...

dez 10, 2011 Blog UNIJr-BA

Canada Goose Parka

But the debate over the impact of birth order gained new urgency this summer when the results of a new study were announced: ‘ IQs tend to be higher...

dez 09, 2011 Blog UNIJr-BA

cheap canada goose

Americans eat more chicken than any other meat, but those birds fried, baked, grilled are often flavorless and boring. Our pork tastes nothing like the stuff our grandparents ate....